Tuesday, March 30, 2010

An Evening of Performance Art: ‘Buka Mulut’

Don't worry, this is an exception. It's an eating place, people.

Weaving together several performances by AISYAH BAHARUDDIN, BEBE, SIMON SOON, CHI TOO, INTAN RAFIZA, NIKI O, SAFRIMAN, RAHMAT HARON, RAY LAGENBACH, TAN ZI HAO, ‘Buka Mulut’ was held at Dave’s Pizza, Pasta and Vino in 1Utama shopping complex on March 20th, 8:30pm. We like the idea of bringing art performance to the public and of course, the performances. Here are some of the pictures taken.

Rahmat Haron’s hair was tied to…. EVERYWHERE.

Rahmat’s performance (the first performance) was about connection and disconnection. It got a lot of attention at the restaurant and they were astonished yet curious.

Eating leftover food? No thanks, but I get your point. It makes perfect sense. It was still surprising that there were several people who actually ate them. We hope our food is the same after 20 years.

Simon Soon on the mike.

Challenge Simon Soon in Cooking Mama! Wait, Simon playing Cooking Mama game? Oh well, let’s have fun anyway!

The rest of the pictures taken:

Hmm where did this band come from?

A performance about a mother and son.

Altogether a commendable attempt to bring performance art to the public (during mealtime, no less). Check out our full report in ArtMalaysia Magazine!

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