Thursday, December 27, 2012


“For me, part of the formal problem
in painting has to do with design
fundamentals and principles,
which is an inherent problem in all
disciplines of the visual arts, be it
design, painting or architecture. As
such, I am conscious of applying a
very complex structured approach
in my work as much as developing
the content in the work.”

Rentakalam - Windrift (2006), Acrylic on Canvas, 183cm x 183cm
Rentakan Alam - Windance (2006), Arcylic on Canvas, 183cm x 183cm
Rentakalam (2003), Acrylic on Canvas
For more info on Tajuddin Ismail, buy a copy of ArtMalaysia Magazine Issue 18

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


An intricate world of characters that appear
like a stream of consciousness, whether in a
myriad of colours or in solemn monochrome,
in sprawling panorama or in neatly framed
segments, these are components of the
teeming inner universe of Donald Abraham.

Untitled (2011), Mixed Media on Canvas, 274.32cm x 182.88cm

Untitled (2012), Acrylic on Canvas

Soul People (2012), Mixed Media on Canvas, 243.84cm x 121.92cm

For more info on Donald Abraham, buy a copy of ArtMalaysia Magazine Issue 18


As an artist whose unique practice is altering his
painting style to mark a particular period in his life,
Samsudin Mohamad has developed a repertoire
of styles that reflect the changes, climates and
circumstances of his life.

Hamba (2011), Arcylic on Canvas, 107cm x 91cm

Hijrah (Mohon Restu) 2011, Acrylic on Canvas, 122cm x 122cm

Garisan Rupa 6 (2012), Acrylic on Canvas, 91cm x 122cm

For more info on Samsudin Bin Mohamad, buy a copy of ArtMalaysia 
Magazine Issue 18

Monday, December 24, 2012


Partways (2009), Acrylic on Canvas, 91.44cm x 121.92cm

Pathways#2 (2010), Acrylic on Canvas, 91.44cm x 121.92cm 

Pathways#5 (2010), Acrylic on Canvas, 91.44cm x 121.92cm

“When I doodle there are a lot of lines; I like the way 
lines move, meet and connect: 
that's how I see trees; their branches
 have different formations, like a dance.”  
For more info on Christine Nalina Das, buy a copy of ArtMalaysia Magazine Issue 13

Sunday, December 23, 2012


Schools of fishes circle in a steady vortex, like
grains of sand swirling through the pinhole of an
hourglass, shaping a tunnel that directs our gaze
towards a distant sun. Across our aquatic vision
swim sea creatures in bursts of colour, or the
silhouette of majestic fishes. We are at the depths of
the ocean, gazing mesmerized at the underwater
traffic above. This is the inner world of Professor
Jalil Othman.

Seni Samudera (2011), Acrylic on Canvas, 120cm x 150cm

Citra Samudera (2011), Acrylic on Canvas, 120cm x 120cm

Persada Samudera (2011), Acrylic on Canvas, 120cm x 120cm
For more info on Prof Madya Dr. Abdul Jalil Othman, buy a copy of ArtMalaysia Magazine Issue 13


People in shades of gray tinged with splashes of colour, seemingly so 
absorbed in the quotidian that you feel tempted to stretch out a hand
and touch their shoulder, to rouse them. We become observers and 
onlookers, suddenly curious; what could their expressions be like?

Man, Women, Money Transfer (2010) Acrylic, 127cm x 101cm

Little Red Secret (2010), Acrylic, 101.6cm x 127cm

Butcher and Kitten (2010), Acrylic, 101.6cm x 127 cm
For more info on Teoh Teck Boo, buy a copy of ArtMalaysia Magazine Issue 13

Friday, December 21, 2012


Born in Kuala Terengganu in 1967, Suzlee Ibrahim is one of the nation's most
notable abstract expressionism painters. His star continues to rise; also a lecturer
and traveler, Suzlee's wide understanding and network of art beyond our borders
is translated in riots of colours and brushstrokes on canvas.

'Ombak' Series No. 8 (2007/2008), Acrylic & Oil on Canvas, 150cm x 122cm
Sahara Series; Desert's Garden (2010), Acrylic & Oil on Canvas, 150cm x 244cm
For more info on Suzlee Ibrahim, buy a copy of ArtMalaysia Magazine Issue 13



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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

1001 Malaysian Artists & Sculptors 2013


It will certainly be a memorable year 2013 as ArtMalaysia proudly presents the 1001 Malaysian Artists & Sculptors, the largest convergence of the nation’s artists and sculptors for a unique charity art event and exhibition that will go into the Malaysia Book of Records!

Artists from all around Peninsular and East Malaysia will be participating in this mammoth effort to create a compendium that showcases Malaysia’s artistic and creative diversity.

The selection of thousand-and-one artists and sculptors will reflect the cultural and ethnic multiplicity of our beloved country; representing a spectrum of mediums and genres of art that make up the multifaceted gem that is Malaysia’s thriving arts scene. We will also be publishing and launching a Directory of 1001 Malaysian Artists & Sculptors in conjunction with the exhibition.

Be sure not to miss out on history in the making!


Tahun 2013 pastinya akan terpahat dalam lipatan sejarah menjadi tahun yang penuh dengan kenangan apabila ArtMalaysia dengan bangganya menganjurkan Pameran 1001 Pelukis & Pengukir  Arca Malaysia. Pameran seni lukis dan arca yang terbesar ini mempamerkan keunikan karya 1001 pelukis dan pengukir arca untuk jualan bagi tujuan amal yang akan dicatatkan dalam Malaysia Book Of Records!

Para pelukis dan pengukir arca dari seluruh Semenanjung dan Malaysia Timur akan mengambil bahagian dalam acara mega yang berprestij ini sebagai satu usaha ke arah menyerlahkan lagi cerminan tentang wujudnya kepelbagaian seni dan kreativiti rakyat Malaysia.

Secara dasarnya, pemilihan seribu satu pelukis dan pengukir arca ini mencerminkan kepelbagaian budaya dan etnik dalam negara tercinta; mewakili kepelbagai spektrum, medium dan genre seni bagaikan sebutir permata bergemerlapan dengan beraneka rupa bentuk seninya yang semakin berkembang maju di Malaysia.

Bersempena dengan penganjuran pameran ini, ArtMalaysia akan menerbit dan melancarkan sebuah direktori bertajuk `Direktori 1001 Pelukis & Pengukir Arca Malaysia’.

Pastikan anda tidak ketinggalan dalam catatan sejarah yang sedang diukir ini.

Art Promoter
Project Manager

Please click to more info :


Organizer message

As the publisher of ArtMalaysia magazine, my job entails me to travel widely within Peninsular Malaysia from time to time. During my countless art quest, I witnessed strange yet interesting real-life scenarios in which many living things are present in artists’ lives. I realised that many artists’ homes usually have aquariums with marine fish, pet dogs, cats, and even spine-chilling creatures like iguanas, spiders, and ants! What’s more, there’s actually an artist who built a garden inside his house to gain his artistic inspirations from the soothing sanctuary while he paints birds and nature.

If you observe the artists up close and personal, you will find out that they are willing to venture to outskirts of town for creative ideas. Sometimes, they can be inspired by going on a horse ride or even sightseeing in the zoo to take snapshots of orang utans and tigers. 

Another beguiling observation is none other than our very own urban lifestyle in the city. Undeniably, many of us breed all types of domestic animals in our sophisticated homes, thus there is an ‘animal kingdom’ within a city.

There is an inseparable, unique relationship between artists and animals on the land, water and air. Nothing can keep them apart when there is continuity in the sense of appreciation towards each other.

Therefore, I invite artists to create their own version of animal kingdom on canvases. The experiences are definitely going to be astounding as this kingdom is soundless but the existence of animals on canvases will make every viewer’s imagination goes alive. The dog may ‘bark’, the cat will ‘meow’, and the cow is ‘mooing’, but all of them will indeed bond with each artistic soul in distinctive perspectives.

Art Promoter
Project Manager

Please click to more info :

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

an interesting book for all art enthusiast to read and must buy

Narratives in Malaysian Art is a publication project in progress, which attempts to gather knowledge and perspectives on the history, practice and infrastructure of visual art in Malaysia. Narratives in Malaysian Art will consist of four volumes, published in English and Bahasa Malaysia : 

Volume I : Imagining Identities, Volume II : Reactions - New Critical Strategies, Volume III : Infrastructures and Volume IV : Perspectives

An A-Z Guide to Malaysian Art
can be found online at :

Friday, February 17, 2012

Millionstar Art Team "Power of Positive"

Pemeran yang disertai oleh 14 pelukis muda akan di adakan di ArtMalaysia @ Galeri Dunia seni Lukis pada 18hb Feb 2012 pukul 3petang. Di jemput hadir.....

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Laman web ArtMalaysia

Majalah ArtMalaysia dikeluarkan 2 bulan sekali. Pelbagai acara dan pameran diceritakan didalam majalah ini, tetapi ia amat terhad sekali. Disebabkan ini website ArtMalaysia dijadikan platfom untuk merakamkan atau menceritakan selebihnya acara dan pameran yang ditidak berada didalam majalah ArtMalaysia melalui Art Talk, Borak2 Seni, Online Art Exhibition...dll

Buat masa ini laman web ArtMalaysia masih belum banyak cerita lagi. Dijemput pelukis atau galeri2 yang berminat untuk memaklumkan acara dan pameran anda boleh diberitahu kepada