Sunday, June 20, 2010

Cat Art Festival - me and my cat

Ketibaan tetemu terhormat
YBhg Dato' Hj Mohd Rozali Isohak
(Pengerusi BSLN)
Abby Zain (pelukis) memberi keterangan 
mengenai lukisan beliau kepada
Dato' Hj Mohd Rozali Isohak 
Ketika ini tetamu terhormat mengambil
gambar bersama-sama pelukis
Abby Zain memberi peluang kepada
tetamu terhormat untuk memcuba
melukis seekor kucing 
....cuba teka apakah gimik yang dilakukan
oleh semua pelukis meoW!!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Cat Art Festival - me and my cat

En. Alias (Pengarah Urusan)
memberikan sebuah lukisan
sebagai cenderamata kepada
Dato' Hj. Mohd Rozali Isohak
(Pengerusi BSLN) bersama
dengannya Ms. Alyssa Khoo

Patrick Lasak (pelukis)  
Lim Dang Chii (pelukis)
Ms. Alyssa khoo
En. Alias
Dato' Hj. Mohd Rozali Isohak
En. Haned Masjak (Pengarah, BSLN)

Dato' Hj Mohd Rosali Isohak
di temuramah oleh wartawan dari

Maba Jaffar (pelukis)
memberi penerangan mengenai
lukisannya kepada tetamu terhormat

Rasyidah Zul (pelukis)
En. Alias
Dato' Hj. Mohd Rozali Isohak
En. Haned Masjak
Ms. Alyssa Khoo

Fifi Ch'ng (pelukis)
En. Haned Masjak
En. Alias
Dato' Hj Mohd Rozali Isohak
Ms. Alyssa Khoo.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

ArtHK 2010, dessert course.

Note: This entry contains NUDITY and other such things that require an open mind, therefore reader discretion is advised. Also, please allow time for loading.

Our personal picks from the Fair, and last entry for ArtHK2010, which received immensely positive review from participating galleries. Things are surely looking good for the 'ArtBasel of the Far East'.

Yi Hwan Kwon, Trinity (2009), Plastic, Leather and Steel, 233 x 240 x 80cm.

Speaking of looking good, here's one that does just that from all angles. You'd remember Yi Hwan Kwon's unique sculptures featured in our coverage of ArtSingapore.

Choi Soo Ang, Red Dreamer 1 (2007), Oil on Resin

We have to say we do adore CAIS Gallery's selection of artists and artworks. Seeing Red Dreamer up close quite an experience, as crowds gather around the forlorn figure who really does look lost in her own world... of course, there is also her, er, hairdo.

Park Sung-Tae

There was a gallery promoter whose job was to stand on this artwork, and invite others to do the same. Delightful!

While we wouldn't call this delightful, it certainly is eye-catching.

 Lionel Bawden, The Caverns of Temporal Suspension (Of Blood), 2010, Staedtler Pencils, Epoxy and Incralac, 49 x 52 x 8.5cm

Yup, you read right. COLOUR PENCILS. Staedtler, the kind we used in our school days (unless you subscribed to Faber Castell.) In Bawden's masterful hands, they become eerily reminiscent of blood cells.

Remembering December, Burnt Wooden Table and Clock (2010)

This one literally made us stop and stare. The white space of the booth gave this piece an intensely poetic and dramatic feeling, removing it from the lively chaos of the Fair. The artwork in the background is by the same.

ArtHK2010 saw total visitors at 46,115, up 65 percent from 2009. On the weekend of the event, the halls were packed with all manner of people; artists, collectors and gallerists mingled with laypersons, tourists and students, and often there were groups of admirers gathered before an artwork.

Of course, do catch Issue8 for the full report. Meantime, we hope you've enjoyed our selection of visual treats. Our previous ArtHK posts can be found here:


Friends of ArtMalaysia

Artists from Reunion Island
Eric Gouaze
Cristof Denmont
Stephane Kenkle

Fauziah (artist)
Ellie Ng (fashion art)

Paintings by 10 Penang Artists @ alpha utara gallery

Dato' Lim Chong Keat
Tan Lye Hoe
Chong Hip Seng
Chong Hon Fatt
Lhoo Sui Hoe
Dr Chew Teng Beng
C C Chua

Cheong Mei Fong
Patrick Lasak
Khoo Khay Tat
Dato' Lim Chong Keat

Lynn Teoh
Cheong Mei Fong
Alyssa Khoo

Chong Hip Seng
Cheong Mei Fong
Lynn Teoh

Friday, June 4, 2010

Friends of Artmalaysia

Dato' Dr Mohamed
Najib Bin Ahmad Dawa

Abd. Rani, Said, Moustapha
dengan Mr. Abu Bakr Pegawai
Khas dari kedutaan Senegal

MOSAIC - Connecting Cultures

Mr. Abu Bakr,
Minister Counselor
Deputy Head of Mission
Embassy of The Republic
of Senegal in Malaysia

Said Hossanee
presenting a painting
to Mr. Abu Bakr

Abd. Rani Majid

Ismail Kadir
presenting a painting
to Mr. Abu Bakr

A group photo with
artists from Reunion Island
Stephane Kenkle,
Eric Gouaze &

Cristof Denmont

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Friends of ArtMalaysia

Soon Lai Wai

Lim Ah Cheng

Malaysian Art 3G @ Pipal Fine Art on 29th May 2010

Hoe Say Yong
Gallery owner

Datuk Syed Ahmad Jamal

Khoo Sui-Hoe
Dato' Sharifah Fatimah Zubir

Awang Damit Ahmad

E H Chee
Anthonie Cheong
Ng Foo Cheong

ArtHK 2010, main course.

Note: This entry contains NUDITY and other such things that require an open mind, therefore reader discretion is advised. Also, please allow time for loading.

You're going to want to read this post because it will have stuff we're not publishing in the magazine as we are obedient and good law-abiding citizens. Yes.

Matteo Pugliese, Closed (2010), Bronze sculpture, 120 x 150 x 25cm

The crossed arms of the law. We love Pugliese's sculptures, they look like they just appeared out of another dimension. This fellow above, though, seems not amused. At all.

Matteo Pugliese, To Astra (2009), Bronze sculpture, 36.5 x 30.5 x 14cm

We thought this one aptly represents the action of Headwall. But more than that, just look at the exquisite form. Suspended animation. And no one knows better about that than these eclectic girls:

A Keitai Girl performance of Noriko Yamaguchi's Hong Kong Wonderland on the vernissage night.

Ma Jun, Porcelain Car, Fiberglass, oil paint, Michael Schultz Gallery

Sexy curator-types say this is their vehicle of choice. Well, here's another vehicle in an exceedingly odd situation. Asides from being in an art fair, which is an arguably odd experience.

Li Wei, Live at the High Place 5 (2008), 176 x 468cm, Edition 8

Everytime i see something in this arc of momentum, i just can't help but be reminded of Cai Guo-Qiang's 99 wolves. By the way, you really should have a look at Li Wei's surreal conceptual photography here. S0 very charmingly amusing.

Wen Fang, Rain (2009), Images of garbage printed on steel knives

Not a drizzle we'd want to be under. These naked blades formed impressive silhouettes, and a sharp message at that.

Jeon Joonho, Sweet Valentine (2008-9), Gingko wood, gold plated fiberglass and resin, 230 x 125 x 63cm

Jaume Plensa, Soul of Words (2009), Stainless steel and marble pebbles, 220 x 195 x 195cm

This is very much like how we felt at ArtHK.

Choi So Young, London Street at Night (2010), Denim, 130 x 130cm

We've been keeping an eye out for So Young's works since we first saw them at CAIS Gallery's booth at ArtSingapore last year. Urbanity in denim.

Agus Suwage, Man of the Year (2009), Watercolor on Paper, 227.5 x 229cm

Agus Suwage is always a favourite.

We're really not sure who is the artist behind this but it was at the Art Issue Projects corner, attracting a good deal of crowd for obvious reasons. Symbolism galore, much?

Chen Long-Bin, Manhattan Guanyin (2008), Mixed Media, 50 x 28 x 30cm

Carved out of telephone directories. We really would've never guessed if we hadn't taken a good look, as the texture of it was so convincingly solid.

This is the starred lineup for the Intelligence 2 Asia Live Debate, with the motion You Don't Need Great Skill to be a Great Artist. Against the motion: Hans Ulrich Obrist & Sarah Thornton (left side), for the motion: Tim Marlow & Antony Gormley (right side), moderator: Deborah Kan (middle) of newsanchoring fame. So how did this thoroughly exciting debate go? Read issue8 to find out why it involved kangaroo bollocks and Jackson Pollock.

In the next post, we will serve desserts of our own picks from ArtHK.