Monday, February 28, 2011

Kian's ArtQuest - Malaysian Artists Revealed (Kuantan)

My journey to Kuantan
was a great challenge on
my Toyota HiLux 4X4.
It was raining and traffic
and road condition was
terrible...street light not
bright enough. I drove
over many pot holes...
just terrible!! 
WOW! this mosque is
awesome to view at night.
I'm sure tourist will be amaze by the sight of this beautiful mosque

 Arrived in Kuantan around
1am, had some difficulty
locating the hotel
(wanted to stay at the one
which was located beside
the art gallery). Somehow
I'm confused Evergreen Hotel
(in Penang) for
                                                       Green Leaf Hotel.

Too bad my writer can't drive
but I should give myself
a pat on the back for getting
both of us safely to our
destination. Hope my snoring
won't cause my writer
to have a sleepless night...

After freshening up, we headed to East Coast Mall,
"The Most Happening Place" - according to it's slogan anyways.
Wanted to go to Starbucks to have lunch, but when asked about
what kind of food they served for lunch, the barista pointed at
the pasteries and I could already see the horror on my writer's face
as he muttered under his breath, "That won't fill me up."

After lunch we headed to the art gallery to conduct the interviews.
An interesting group of people according to my writer and
before we knew it, we were jetting off to our next destination
- Kota Bahru.

Kian's ArtQuest

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