Monday, February 28, 2011

Kian's ArtQuest - Malaysian Artists Revealed (Malacca)

My journey in search of artists
have brought me to the historical
city of Malacca. My writer was
once again late so I decided to
count the dim sums at the
coffee shop, they are
seriously raking in the cash.

Our journey was plagued
by miscommunication
which resulted
 in the writer not
 bringing enough
 (or more specifically underwear).
 Wonder how he will ration
his clothing for the next few days...
BTW, disposable underwear
 and shower cap look alike!
 Anyways the first time
we came here, I wanted
to take him to my
 favorite laksa stall,
 unfortunately it
 was not open.
 However this time around
 he get to eat laksa!

After that, we were off to
do my magazine delivery rounds.
First stop was
Martin Wood's Art Gallery.

Martin and his wife

After that was
Park Soo Bin's Gallery,
had a nice chit chat with Han,
her friend who just recently
retired from KBS broadcasting
industry. After a few
more deliveries it was
time to head to Johor.

Artist Roger the owner
of The Baboon House
89, Jalan Tan Cheng Lok

Da Som Inn
& Korean Restaurant
at 28, Jalan Tukang Emas
(Harmony St)

Titi Gallery
4, Jalan Tokong,

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