Thursday, April 1, 2010

Calming Cloudscapes

Wow are we ever excited to see Tang Hong Lee's newest series! Tang has now added majestic skies and morphing clouds above his iconic houses and trees, creating wider vistas that serve to remind how so many of us have forgotten how to to take the time and appreciate the beauty above us.

Here is the artist with his artwork, framed beautifully by the one and only Pinkguy Malaysia Art & Frame. Tang will be holding an exhibition at Pinkguy beginning 24 April 2010.

These photos certainly don't do justice to the vibrancy of Tang's paintings. We will be featuring Tang (with full-colour HDs of his paintings, courtesy of our design team) in our final urban issue. One might argue they are not urban, but we beg to differ: Tang's little houses are another interpretation of the buildings we build that become the homes we live in. We think it'll be a nice breather to all the heavy, concrete, graffiti-ed, urbanised wonders in the rest of the magazine. Be sure to get your copy of issue 7 when its out!

On a completely unrelated note: Now what do you suppose these mynahs are up to? Foot wrestling? We spotted them outside of Pinkguy.

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