Friday, April 16, 2010

Sony World Photography Awards

Photo by Claire Martin, 2009 Amateur Winners

For photography afficionados, this is certainly a must-see exhibition. We are fortunate to be able to catch this leg of the global tour, and take with us memories of dramatic, heartwarming, powerful and poignant photography.

The Sony World Photography Awards 2009/10 exhibition opens at GALERI PETRONAS, Kuala Lumpur, on 4 February – 28 March 2010 (extended to 25 April 2010!). The exhibition showcases photographs by the winners and finalists of the 2009 Sony World Photography Awards, spanning a variety of genres including fashion, architecture, advertising, sport and music, from across the world.

Though this is but a selection of the photos in the Awards, it gives an excellent look at the quality of photography in its many genres today.

"Ibasyo- self-injury among young Japanese girls", Kosuke Okahara

"Bihar Aftermath", Giulio di Sturco

Particularly striking were the photos in the Photojournalism and Documentary category, capturing poverty, war, human nature, social issues, urban culture... uncensored, unabashed and stark. Yet there could also be found within them an intense beauty and humanity.

"Sculptors Village", Chiara Goia.

Beside the real, there is the composed image: crafted beauty and photomanipulation.

Piotr Fajfer, 1st prize, Commercial-Fashion

Vladimir Melnik, Conceptual and Constructed

What we've managed to show here is but a taste of this impressive exhibition. For those seeking photography from a fine art perspective, there's a great selection of finalists and winners from the Fine Art category.

We'll bring you more very soon! Meantime, why not head over to Galeri Petronas and see it for yourself = )

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