Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Visiting TAKSU Gallerie

Finding TAKSU Gallerie might be a bit of a hassle but we decided that it was worth our effort finding a hidden gem. And we were right! From the outside, the gallery looks nothing out of the ordinary and it blends with the surrounding houses but right after you enter into TAKSU, you will see a whole different world.

Walking into TAKSU gives us the feeling of walking into a home with lots of paintings where you can view them at ease. It creates a very comfortable and casual feeling.

   The gallery view from the outside porch.

Did you know TAKSU has another floor? 

We couldn’t help but be distracted by the beautiful porch surrounded by Balinese-themed garden deco. The greenery was really well taken care of. It was so breathtaking we wished we could have spent a whole day here. You’ll see what we mean after you see these pictures that we’ve taken.


  The porch surrounded by beautiful greenery.

The Balinese-themed garden.

We like how the sunlight cuts through the tree leaves.

Not forgetting the swimming pool that was completed with deck chairs and umbrella. Out here, it was like a holiday resort.

The swimming pool beside the porch.

Besides the beautiful garden and interior, I’ve always liked the exhibition artworks here. It seems that TAKSU has their own way of selecting and holding exhibitions. It can be said that the works featured by TAKSU are of the lowbrow, urban contemporary variety, instead of focusing solely on commercial, highbrow art. All these factors give a richer, more fulfilling experience to TAKSU’s exhibitions.

If you want to visit a gallery that is interesting and presents you with different ideas and a different perspective of things, where you should keep an open-mind and be prepared for an exciting visual experience, TAKSU Kuala Lumpur is just the place.

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