Friday, January 4, 2013


Crysanthemums, Mixed Media
Ebb & Flow, Watercolour
A Windy Day, Watercolour

Karen Ee Kayee is a Kuala Lumpur-based artist who has
participated in several group exhibitions. Karen started painting
in the 1980s. Among her tutors is the contemporary well-known
expressionist artist Peter Liew. Karen sees beauty in everything.
Her paintings explore life with honesty and passion. She lives in
the moment just like the reflections of light on the flowers and
landscapes she paints. Karen relishes the freedom that art gives
her when she is in front of a blank canvas. When her eyes meet
nature, gates of creativity are opened within her. She interprets
and captures that moment on canvas.
From Left : Mdm Low & Karen Ee
For more info on Karen Ee, buy a copy of ArtMalaysia Magazine Issue 19

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