Monday, January 21, 2013


“I enjoy the energy and emotion of that moment
of creating. When I paint, I rarely plan, and
when I can see the flow of it, the direction the
artwork is going, that’s when it is exciting!” 
Face Series No.10, Batik and Acrylic on Canvas, 137cm x 137cm
My Garden Series (2009), Acrylic on Canvas, 121cm x 136cm
Kelapa Series (2010), Batik and Acrylic on Canvas, 122cm x 122cm

Floral blooms in a riot of vibrant colours and forms depict a paradise 
that conceals ornate butterflies and sleeping maidens, all in the fine 
nuances of batik. These are the expressions of Fauzi Arshad’s love for nature, 
and most of all,his tributes to the art of batik.

For more info on Ahmad Fauzi Arshad, buy a copy of 
ArtMalaysia Magazine Issue 17

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