Monday, January 21, 2013


In a studio near the outskirts of Ampang, there are stacked planes of nature
and tropical landscapes; glowing emeralds nestled in the residential area’s
urban order. Each canvas is a window to another place, an older time;
a capture of nature’s gentle pulse in fine brushstrokes.
This is Rasid Yusof’s own private sanctuary.

 “I’ve loved nature from the very beginning,
then I wanted to portray through art the natural
heritage that we have - I want to capture
beautiful landscapes never before
seen by others.”
Malaysian Interior I (2010), Acrylic on Canvas,  127cm x 101.6cm
Jambu Fruit Dove Couple (2011), Acrylic on Canvas, 91.4cm x 60.9cm
Take off (2011), Acrylic on Canvas, 76.2cm x 76.2 cm
For more info on Abdul Rasid Yusof, buy a copy of ArtMalaysia Magazine Issue 17

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