Wednesday, December 19, 2012


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As the publisher of ArtMalaysia magazine, my job entails me to travel widely within Peninsular Malaysia from time to time. During my countless art quest, I witnessed strange yet interesting real-life scenarios in which many living things are present in artists’ lives. I realised that many artists’ homes usually have aquariums with marine fish, pet dogs, cats, and even spine-chilling creatures like iguanas, spiders, and ants! What’s more, there’s actually an artist who built a garden inside his house to gain his artistic inspirations from the soothing sanctuary while he paints birds and nature.

If you observe the artists up close and personal, you will find out that they are willing to venture to outskirts of town for creative ideas. Sometimes, they can be inspired by going on a horse ride or even sightseeing in the zoo to take snapshots of orang utans and tigers. 

Another beguiling observation is none other than our very own urban lifestyle in the city. Undeniably, many of us breed all types of domestic animals in our sophisticated homes, thus there is an ‘animal kingdom’ within a city.

There is an inseparable, unique relationship between artists and animals on the land, water and air. Nothing can keep them apart when there is continuity in the sense of appreciation towards each other.

Therefore, I invite artists to create their own version of animal kingdom on canvases. The experiences are definitely going to be astounding as this kingdom is soundless but the existence of animals on canvases will make every viewer’s imagination goes alive. The dog may ‘bark’, the cat will ‘meow’, and the cow is ‘mooing’, but all of them will indeed bond with each artistic soul in distinctive perspectives.

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