Sunday, September 12, 2010

Joanne Tan's Solo Exhibition at Balai Berita NSTP

11th September 2010

Joanne Tan's JOURNEY...
Journey is the culmination of artist's ten years work.
It is a story of the timeless journey through the passage
of life, yearning of joy, sadness, of returning to the
source of love. It explores the unspoken, emanascent
nature of light and the transient yet unchanging colors
found within natures landscape.

In the beginning, Spiral of Life records the artist early
psyche during the formative years, evolving in a quiet
meditative pace to seascapes and Landscapes, to the
emergence of Sunset. These collectable works captures
that fleeting moment that enlivens us, giving us a glimpse
of what lies beyond the horizon. A doorway onto the
ethereal, an almost familiar place of dreams and

Journey draws you to them.....

Joanne Tan & Liew Kian Yap

Shirley Chu (President of
Malaysian Artists Society)
officiated Joanne Tan's
Solo Exhibition and it
was well attended by
members of the art society

Joanne with guest of  honor
Shirley Chu & freinds

Joanne Tan with all her friends

Joanne Tan with fellow artist
Fuad Abu Bakar

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