Tuesday, June 1, 2010

ArtHK 2010, main course.

Note: This entry contains NUDITY and other such things that require an open mind, therefore reader discretion is advised. Also, please allow time for loading.

You're going to want to read this post because it will have stuff we're not publishing in the magazine as we are obedient and good law-abiding citizens. Yes.

Matteo Pugliese, Closed (2010), Bronze sculpture, 120 x 150 x 25cm

The crossed arms of the law. We love Pugliese's sculptures, they look like they just appeared out of another dimension. This fellow above, though, seems not amused. At all.

Matteo Pugliese, To Astra (2009), Bronze sculpture, 36.5 x 30.5 x 14cm

We thought this one aptly represents the action of Headwall. But more than that, just look at the exquisite form. Suspended animation. And no one knows better about that than these eclectic girls:

A Keitai Girl performance of Noriko Yamaguchi's Hong Kong Wonderland on the vernissage night.

Ma Jun, Porcelain Car, Fiberglass, oil paint, Michael Schultz Gallery

Sexy curator-types say this is their vehicle of choice. Well, here's another vehicle in an exceedingly odd situation. Asides from being in an art fair, which is an arguably odd experience.

Li Wei, Live at the High Place 5 (2008), 176 x 468cm, Edition 8

Everytime i see something in this arc of momentum, i just can't help but be reminded of Cai Guo-Qiang's 99 wolves. By the way, you really should have a look at Li Wei's surreal conceptual photography here. S0 very charmingly amusing.

Wen Fang, Rain (2009), Images of garbage printed on steel knives

Not a drizzle we'd want to be under. These naked blades formed impressive silhouettes, and a sharp message at that.

Jeon Joonho, Sweet Valentine (2008-9), Gingko wood, gold plated fiberglass and resin, 230 x 125 x 63cm

Jaume Plensa, Soul of Words (2009), Stainless steel and marble pebbles, 220 x 195 x 195cm

This is very much like how we felt at ArtHK.

Choi So Young, London Street at Night (2010), Denim, 130 x 130cm

We've been keeping an eye out for So Young's works since we first saw them at CAIS Gallery's booth at ArtSingapore last year. Urbanity in denim.

Agus Suwage, Man of the Year (2009), Watercolor on Paper, 227.5 x 229cm

Agus Suwage is always a favourite.

We're really not sure who is the artist behind this but it was at the Art Issue Projects corner, attracting a good deal of crowd for obvious reasons. Symbolism galore, much?

Chen Long-Bin, Manhattan Guanyin (2008), Mixed Media, 50 x 28 x 30cm

Carved out of telephone directories. We really would've never guessed if we hadn't taken a good look, as the texture of it was so convincingly solid.

This is the starred lineup for the Intelligence 2 Asia Live Debate, with the motion You Don't Need Great Skill to be a Great Artist. Against the motion: Hans Ulrich Obrist & Sarah Thornton (left side), for the motion: Tim Marlow & Antony Gormley (right side), moderator: Deborah Kan (middle) of newsanchoring fame. So how did this thoroughly exciting debate go? Read issue8 to find out why it involved kangaroo bollocks and Jackson Pollock.

In the next post, we will serve desserts of our own picks from ArtHK.

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